Oct, 05 2017

SO 990 U


Dimensions [mm] 3950x2400x1890
Hourly capacity [t7h] 15
Rotors [no.] 1
Ø Rotor [mm] 990
Installed power [kW] 75
Inverter Yes
Operating voltage 400/690V – 50Hz
Mass [Kg] 8500

The SO 990/27 and SO 990 U separators are machines manufactured for the processing of organic waste. The machine is built with a robust steel structure and fitted with inspection doors. An internal rotor with special hammers and bludgeons splits the material, making it possible to obtain a pressed liquid and to eliminate plastics internally.
The machine loads from above, and expels the processed material from beneath.
The Separator is automatically loaded by other conveyor belts. The resulting material is expelled from underneath.
The machine’s components are made from materials that ensure its efficiency and service life.