Oct, 05 2017

CS 490


Dimensions [mm] 1600x4900x1700
Hourly capacity [t7h] 3-4
Pressing Augers [no.] 1
Screw [mm] 490
Installed power [kW] 37
Inverter Yes
Operating voltage 400/690V – 50Hz
Mass [Kg] 7000
Pressing on first run ca. 20-25% depending on product

The CSE 490 pressing auger is a machine manufactured to press organic waste. Material is processed using a conical screw that carries the material towards the outlet. En route, it is squeezed using special grates along the sides of the machine, through which the liquid obtained by pressing the waste flows out towards collection points. The waste product is decanted into pre-established areas for subsequent processing.
One special feature of the machine is the option of processing the product several times over, guaranteeing higher pressed liquid yields.
The CSE 490 must be automatically loaded using ad hoc machines capable of inputting a graduated product flow, loaded from the return side, where the presser has special loading inlets to combine it with the plant’s other machines and ensure the utmost efficiency and security. Solid waste is expelled on the control unit side by a special outlet on the bottom of the machine’s body.
The machine’s components are made from materials that ensure its efficiency and service life. The screw is made out of a 30 mm-thick coil with anti-wear hardening, mounted on a 15 mm-thick tube; the lateral grates, which are known as baskets, are made out of stainless steel sheeting.
The machine is supplied with any support trestles necessary to ensure that it is ideally positioned, and completed with discharge and linking chutes built specially to cater to every need.