Oct, 05 2017

combo SU 1000a – CA2U


Dimensions [mm] 7235x2370x2435
Rotors [no.] 1
Ø Rotor [mm] 1000
Installed power [kW] 37+15
Inverter Yes
Operating voltage 400/690V – 50Hz
Mass [Kg] 17200

The SU 1000 A Shredder is a machine manufactured to shred organic waste (OFMSW). The machine consists of a single-piece steel body. A cylindrical rotor housed within the Shredder features special teeth actioned by a controller via a belt and pulley drive system. Material for processing is loaded from above, via a hopper made specially to the customer’s requirements. The material is broken up by teeth on the rotating internal rotor, before being ejected from the underside of the machine. Rotation of the internal rotor is regulated by a 37kW control unit, plus 15kW for extracting the material on the auger.
The Shredder is designed exclusively to take and shred OFMSW. The Shredder is designed to work upon a support structure, so that the processed material may exit from underneath.