Our manufacturing takes place in a completely refurbished space, using a series of modern, technically-advanced machines, where loads are shifted using major load-bearing structures. All of our designs are produced at the company’s offices, where top-tier professionals and specialist personnel draw on their skills and dynamism and use advanced CAD/CAM software. Not only do our technical staff study, design and plan our work, they also check on progress along
the way. Product design, implementation and management are supported by IT-based technologies to ensure the greatest possible interaction between the various different production departments. Staff flexibility and ongoing operational feedback ensure that our output remains of the highest quality.

Our production centre is sub-divided into three departments: machine tools, woodworking and welding.

The Machine Tools department is skilfully and meticulously managed by employees with decades of experience using their equipment. Equipped with all of the accessories that they need for many different types of work, including gantries suited to hoisting a max of 20 tonnes each, the department caters to customer requirements, and is capable of
working on large-sized structures.

The woodwork department was designed to make the most of the available space, while reducing the amount of time necessary to move items around and work on detailing.

The welding department is fitted with fully-equipped manual Mig and brazing welding stations.

Ecomade offers its clients guaranteed delivery dates and top-quality finished products.

Our technical staff and production department ensure professional after-sales service, including training and technical assistance during installation to ensure that the client is up and running as rapidly as possible. Planned maintenance and repair of components, machines and installations are all highly-efficient operations, ensuring low running costs
and the highest possible production yields.