Waste is an environmental, social and economic problem that requires urgent action. At the same time, it is one of the greatest energy resources on the planet.

This change in paradigm—from a problem to an opportunity—requires us to look differently at processes for recycling and reusing materials. In addition to offering benefits to the environment, a good recycling process helps to satisfy the need for resource materials for industrial production, reducing the necessity to extract or refine raw materials. Furthermore, it offers economic and social advantages: it guarantees economic growth, inspires innovation, generates employment and helps guarantee the availability of critical resources.

Recycling is one of the main priorities for European and global policies: the challenge is to transition toward an economy that is able to create prosperity while, at the same time, respecting the environment and its natural balance.



Recycling is now an established practice, and it is expected to grow year after year. The value-add of recycling can be seen in the important economic results, and, therefore, it is important for the growth for individual companies and, more generally speaking, the entire country.

An efficient recycling system allows for making the industrial sector more competitive, obtaining energy and raw materials from waste products, in addition to offering something necessary for the environment.